Why LaxNar


LaxNar is an Organization committed to speed, quality and satisfaction of IT services delivered to our Customers.

We care for what our Customers care for� Meeting deadlines with Cost Effectiveness and Operational efficiency. Our teams help our Customers achieve this , without even them realizing it.

Many Complex and Cumbersome IT projects of misc kinds (Software development, assorted PC Equipment Maintenance, Digitization etc) have been executed successfully by us. Especially in Government Organizations where the non-cooperation and lethargy may prevail, our dependable teams take the extra pain to successfully execute the projects in difficult circumstances on the field.

Our Consultants work meticulously to detail the nuisances of the work, then they evolve solutions/services in agreement with the Customer specified requirements. Having done this, the work is executed and intermittent feedback is taken from customer.

After all, Customer is the king, the work and its quality has to be commanded by him apart from our own professional wisdom. Our teams simply help the customer realize his plans and therefore we claim that the IT Services provided LaxNar bring extra-ordinary comfort and compel the customer to ask for our services again and again
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