Testing and Performance Engineering
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An untested or low-tested software product is bound to increase total cost and reduce returns. Therefore Testing Phase expands to as large as 40% of the Total Software Life Development Life-Cycle. The Testing has become a specilized branch of software engineering because of inherent issues that may propogate and render a software un-usable.

Our Testing Services ensure that a software meets or exceeds customer expectations. We thoroughly integrate the review efforts with requirement, design and coding phases and work on an expanded and well planned testing phase. The resulting quality of the software is surprising and is co-herent with the desired results.

Performance Engineering:
A software calls for continuous performance optimization and tuning while going through various phases of development and maintenance. This can be done upon having thorough knowledge of technology and the optimization benefits that the technology offers.

Our services ensure that a software is optimized for performance to produce high yield on investment. during the development or maintenance phase. Our clients are happy to see optimally running software producing high RoI.


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